Regulation of computer equipment



In order to provide a high quality service to users, as well as an agreeable and a quiet atmosphere, favorable for work, has been created the following regulation:

In order to make use of the computer equipment is necessary:

  1. Being a teacher of the School or
  2. Being a student of the School and being enrolled in the current semester.

Any user of any semester has the right to work in a harmonious environment and undisturbed, so any disruption of the order and good behaviors by other users please report it.  

The user has the right to use computer equipment all time previously reserved, but is obliged to release the equipment on time.

The FCFM is committed to maintain the equipment in good condition to work, or replace the separate time with similar equipment.

The user is committed to give a good use of the computer equipment.

The FCFM is committed, in case of force majeure to replenish with no more than four working days of the reserved time not used. (to the same user).

Is not allowed to make a schedule change in a time already separated.  

To make a reservation is required to provide the registration number.

Reservations are not transferable, so it may be used by the registered user, based on the registration number.

Only can be registered students of FCFM.

Guest access to the reserved session is not allowed, so is allowed just one student per equipment.

Cleaning is part of the image of FCFM.

The reserve time is respected by FCFM but punctual attendance is requested.

Access to equipment without reservation is not allowed.

It is strictly prohibited to play with the team.

It is prohibited to enter with drinks or food to computer rooms of FCFM.

Users must comply with the provisions of personnel.

The stay of users in the hallways or stairways is not permitted.

Computers equipped with printers are designed juts for printing homework or reports. These computers shouldn’t be used for any other purpose. To access in computer rooms you must present a valid ID and a machine hours card (in case of students).

Is prohibited:

  • Smoking inside the building.
  • Move the computer equipment instead.
  • Moving chairs from one room to another.
  • Streaking or mistreat the furniture.
  • Place advertisements on the walls.

Note: What was not stipulated on this booklet remains at the the Coordination.