Enrique Raúl Ramírez Hernández

Enrique Raul Ramirez Hernandez was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. He studied the bachelor degree in mathematics and physical sciences, and then at the Physics Department in the Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Avanzados which belongs to the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (National Polytechnic Institute) where he worked as a professor of Physics in Genetics and Molecular Biology, in which he obtained his master’s degree of physical sciences in 1971.

Always at the service of our University and during almost 39 years working there, he has been a full time professor and also coordinator of the Physics laboratories, as well as the Physics Academy. It should be noted that he has been associate professor for thirty eight years of the Electromagnetism subject, which despite of its complexity, he understands and handles it very well.

During the 80’s he had an important role in the conservation of the Bachelor of Physics, and nowadays different groups of students still seek his academic advice in difficult subjects, considering that he is known for being an excellent teacher.

Twenty years ago, way before the tutoring programs were introduced formally in the University, he created a project in which some students were selected to be guided in their learning. He has been advisor of 10 bachelor's thesis and is the author of workbooks and notes that are currently used in courses of Electromagnetism, Physics I, III and IV.