Carmen del Rosario de la Fuente Garcia

Carmen del Rosario de la Fuente Garcia was born in 1960 in Tamaulipas, Mexico. She studied the high school education at High School No.7 of UANL (1975-1977). Related with her professional studies, she entered the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences in 1981. Then, she studied a master’s degree in Escuela de Graduados en Administración e Ingeniería Industrial (Alumni engineer and management School) (1997-1999).

In 1987 she started working as a teacher, only some hours per day in the School of Physics and Mathematics. She was a teacher in the Masters of Management and a certification program of Auditoria e Informática (Audit and Computer Science) in Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas (1988-1993). She gave lecture in a certificated program in Audit and Computer Science in Universidad Regiomontana. In 1992 she was teacher in the Programa de Capacitación Docente para la Reforma Académica en el Nivel Medio Superior. And since 1992 up to date, she is teacher in our School.

In 1992 was member of the Technical Committee of the Computer Science Area and in 1993 she was coordinator of the Training Course Module I in this subject and in 1966 she was consultant in the revision of the programs of computer and text books in the following modules: I, III, V y VII.

In the professional area, she worked in the company Vitro from 1981 to 1991. She started as System Analyst and concluded as Consultant in some companies related with reengineering of business process.

Her administrative experience in the School: she was Secretary of Public Relations. (1992-1995). Then she became Administrative Secretary (1995-2001) and Assistant Manager of Administration in the Computer Science Service Center.

Carmen Del Rosario de la Fuente, MM participated in some courses, seminaries, workshops, and updating congress. She was a distinguish member inside of Asociación Mexicana de Auditores en Informática, and in the executive board of AMAI and AMPI.

During her administration; she created the mascot of our School, re-inaugurated the library, with the name of Centro de Información en Ciencias Exactas (which nowdays offers the free access service) as well as the Sports Center, all those within the framework of the 50 anniversary of the School.

It should be pointed out that Carmen de la Fuente García obtained the first place of her class in the Master of Management specialized in General Management, in the School of Chemistry and also the medal of 35 Anniversary of the Universidad de Camagüey, Cuba because of the support to teaching for more than 7 years in the Master of Science education.

She receives our recognition and our best wishes in her career and projects. Also our gratitude for her leadership and management qualities, but above all for her affection and dedication to our School.