Raul Mario Montemayor Martinez

Raul Mario Montemayor Martinez was born on January 2, 1947 in Monterrey, Mexico. In 1967 he obtained a bachelor’s degree of Mathematics, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in 1968, and also of Administrative Engineering in 1969 from UANL. Then in 1971 he studied the Master in Industrial Engineer in Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education).

In 1966 he started his teaching career as professor in Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, where he is still working. Also, he was professor in Universidad Regiomontana and in Universidad Del Norte.

Between his published works, we can mention: “La computación aplicada a la enseñanza"(Computer studios applied in teaching system) (Mexican, Mathematical Society), "Sistema de Tetramestres a nivel Licenciatura" (Triannual System of Bachelor level) (A.N.F.E.I.), "Enseñanza a nivel de Post-grado" (Teaching in a post graduate level) at the Congreso de innovación educativa en la Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara.

He has been in different administrative positions such as: Director of engineering in Universidad Regiomontana from 1971-1976; Director of engineering in Universidad Del Norte from 1976-1980; Coordinator of the Researches Statistics Center from October, 1978 to June, 1979. Coordinator of Computer Science Academy in the School of Physics and Mathematics, UANL from 1983-1989.

In 1989, he was elected dean from the School of Physics and Mathematics in UANL, position that he held until 1995. During his period, with the support and help from teachers and graduate students from the bachelors of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, were reformed syllabus which were approved by the University council in 1990. In the same session was also approved the internal School’s regulation and in his period it was established the System Development Center.

In August 1992 was approved the new Master of Physics specialized in Metrology of Radiation, Master of Physics specialized in the total control of quality, Master in Computer Physics specialized in: system’s information and administrative production computer.

In the professional area, he had made different activities, such as: Systems Analyst in Cervecería Cuauthemoc (a brewery company), from January to June in 1970.  Adviser in a Construction Company; Chief in methods of works; Chief in systems and administrative process 1981-1984; Administrative Manager of Technology development from 1984 to 1989; Manager in a Research and Development Project from 1989 up to date.

Montemayor Martinez has always showed with effort his strong fight to increase more and more our School. Nowadays, Montemayor Martinez deserves our recognition, we wish him success at all his next projects.