Luis Vicente Garcia Gonzalez

Luis Vicente Garcia Gonzalez was born on January 22 1943 in Monterrey, Mexico. He performed his elementary studies at Presidente Plutárco Elías Calles Elementary School from 1949 to 1955; he performed his secondary studies at Profesor Moisés Pérez Sáenz Middle School from 1955 to 1958, both in Monterrey and the High School at Escuela Industrial Álvaro Obregón of UANL from 1962 to 1964. From 1964 to 1968 he performed his professional studies at the School of Physics and Mathematics from UANL, belonging to the first generation of the bachelor in Mathematics and Physics Sciences in UANL.

 Later in April 1975 he finished his graduate studies, obtaining a Master of Sciences with a specialty in optics in The National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (I.N.A.O.E.) located in Tonantzinatla, Puebla. Finally he took a certification program in Electronics in The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (I.T.E.S.M); concluding with it in October 1991.

His teaching career started in September 1966 with some courses related to Algebra in an induction course for new students of UANL. These courses were given in in the School of Accounting and Business Administration. In 1967 at High School No. 7 he started as a part time professor, then in 1969, he became full time professor at the School of Mathematics and Physics Sciences, being associate professor in different subjects such as Electronic Circuit, Analytic geometry, Mathematics I, III, Vectors, Physics I, III, IV, Optic and Electromagnetism.

He started his administrative labor in 1969 as Vice President for Academics, for about two years, and in 1976 he was head of the Modern Physics (Optic) Laboratory. In the same year he was again in charge of the Office of the Vice President for Academics. Then he took again the position of Vice President for Academics from February 1981 to September 1983.

 Luis Vicente García, M.S. started his works as dean of the School of Physics and Mathematics in November 1983 and he remained in that position until 1989. Then he belonged to Comisión de Licencias y Nombramientos Del Consejo Universitario, (Comitte of license and designations from the University Council) worked as ex-oficio Counselor.

 Some of his published works are: Diseño y construcción de un espectrofotómetro (Design and construction of a spectrophotometer); Diseño de un objeto ocular tipo Lister (Design an ocular object as Lister); Tópico sobre espectrografía del infrarrojo (Topical about a spectrographic of infrared).

During his administrative period, Luis Vicente García González, M.S. helped to strengthen the aim of our School, which is to train professionals in Physics, Mathematics and in Computer Sciences, in order to provide efficient service to our society. Nowadays we recognize and appreciate his administrative and teaching work.