Knowledge, experiences, and skills that the students will acquire

  • Solid mathematic and statistic formation.
  •  Knowledge about insurance, actuarial mathematics, pensions, and finances.
  • Capable of studying, planning, and formulating models with mathematical content, in order to provide information for planning, prediction, and decision-making.
  • Will integrate mathematical and actuarial knowledge in the solving of concrete problems.
  • Will apply informatics and computational technology in the everyday work.
  • Expression of ideas on a clear and specific way, in oral and written form.
  • Will take decisions based on actuarial problems.
  • The student will acquire and value the information.
  • Use of the English language as a mean of communication.

Desirable attitudes in the graduate of this program

  • Community service vocation
  • Cooperation for the multidisciplinary work in teams
  • Critical and open minded attitude for social change, scientific and technologic situations
  • Honesty and high humanistic sense
  • Competence for resource administration
  • Leadership in projects from the professional field
  • Strong ethical and moral principles with society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Sources of employment for the graduates of this program

  •  Insurance companies (design of life insurance plans, accidents, diseases, health, damage and reinsurance)
  •  Financial sector companies (Banking institutions, brokerage houses, investments, risk administration).
  • Industrial sector companies (Industrial Statistics)
  • Offices of actuarial consulting
  •  Universities and Technologic Institutions of Upper Intermediate and Higher education
  •  Research and science Divulgation Institutes